Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Birthday Celebrations in Calgary

Mmmm...cake! We were visiting Calgary to celebrate Sawyer's first birthday and, two weeks later, Alex's 5th birthday. Krysten made this very pretty cake. It was so moist and so good. Good job, Mama!

Alex was happy to see us and quickly put together the Lego mini figure we brought. He does love his Lego!

He wasn't too excited...

Sawyer is adorable. Yes, he did wake up that cute. He is very observer.

Until there is a lull in the conversation and he becomes the entertainer!

We went for a walk, which got shortened when Alex decided he had had enough and headed back down the trail with all of us in pursuit. Oh well, we had to get back for Sawyer's birthday celebration anyway.

Krysten's parents, Leslie and Jim, arrived to bring Sawyer his presents and enjoy a birthday celebration. I think Sawyer approved of his new car!

He can dribble too...a future basketball player.

We enjoyed the patio at our Airbnb rental. It was so nice to have the extra space as opposed to staying in a hotel.

Sawyer decided if he couldn't reach the cake with his hands, he would try a foot. He nailed it!

The birthday boy got the first piece of cake. Happy 1st birthday, Sawyer!

He looked a little worried that we might take it away from him at any moment.

Birthday cake in your hair...he smelled really good.

And, of course, the grand finale. Adorable!

The next day I met up with more of my imaginary on-line friends. We look slightly giddy.

A great group of gals welcomed me to Calgary. Thanks for the awesome evening. It was so much fun to meet four people for the first time and feel like you've known each other for years!

Guess what Alex was up to again? Lego! We went to Chapters where he immediately spied the Lego he wanted. "Let's go, Grandma!" Really? Cheapest shopping trip ever.

"Look what I can do, Grandpa!" Still dribbling the ball, hanging onto to his sippy cup, and supervising the Lego operation.

Alex was introduced to whipped cream in a can. Hasn't everyone sprayed this into their mouth? It was a shock at first, and then a hit.

We were off for a drive the next day. Patrick and Krysten were showing us some of the places they have been hiking this summer, and we were going to the farmer's market in Millarville. So much open space with the beautiful mountains as a backdrop.

Sawyer is game for anything...

This is something you don't see every day. Baseball hats on fence posts for kilometre upon kilometre. You couldn't help but notice them. Lorne Fuller collected baseball hats for 25 years until he found a unique way to display them.

Hailstone Butte is one of the places the family has been hiking.

Oh yes...and it was cold and windy. We were glad we brought our jackets. Grandma and Alex...

Look at that amazing view...

A very windy selfie...

And I didn't have a clue how I had taken this picture, but thought it was pretty cool. I later figured out that the volume button on the side of the phone also acts as a shutter button. Who knew?

Time to walk back to the vehicle. Sawyer had felt the wind and immediately made it known he was not having any part of this expedition. He and Krysten were staying warm inside.

Patrick and Krysten have climbed this "hill" and have a goal to climb to the top of another peak where there is a  weather station. That's an elevation of 7800 feet! You can do it!

Pretty pleased with ourselves...time to head to the farmer's market.

It is so pretty here...

Hello! Found these mountain goats (I think they're mountain goats!) in the middle of the road drinking from a water-filled pothole.

Their coats were pretty ragged. This guy was missing a horn and was pretty tame, walking right up to the truck.

"Please, sir...have you got any food?"

Alex cracked us up. "Go, Daddy. We don't want any goats in the truck."

Alex with Mommy's sunglasses...he's a clown!

And this is one happy boy who waited all morning for his cake pop at the farmer's market.

We were there just as these riders put on an equestrian demonstration. Alex loved this horse.

The show was good too...until it started to rain and we headed back to the truck.

Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam...

And our yummy treat from the market. They were delicious! It started with us splitting one and the second one disappeared pretty quickly. They were made at 5:00 that morning and we didn't want them getting stale.

No trip to Calgary would be complete without a visit to Canmore.

We never get tired of this scenery...

Happy 125th Canmore!

The boys at our favourite restaurant, the Grizzly Paw.

Alex teamed up with the girls doing his best Popeye impression!

Alex making friends with a grizzly bear...

This photo had potential...the family, the beautiful mountains. Let's just say the nice lady who took it had the sun in her eyes and didn't notice the baby. We got Sawyer's forehead at least.

Time to head home again...Patrick did lots of driving while we were there. Thanks for being a great chauffeur!

The majestic Three Sisters...

Krysten cracked up when she took this picture. Full tummies and a drive = naps for everyone!

We finished the afternoon off with pedicures.

You just never know what you will see!

The next day, it was time to celebrate Alex's birthday! After a sleepover at our place, we started the day off with a Batman balloon. This little boy was very excited.

He finally crashed in the afternoon before we headed over to Krysten's parents' place. Good thing!

A great grandmother holding Sawyer...lovely!

Brothers! They will be the best of the friends.

Jim was the BBQ master that night doing their specialty of ribs. Mmm...we knew we were in for a treat!

Do you think there are enough presents? Sawyer was also cashing in from people who hadn't seen him on his birthday.

He got the hang of present opening pretty quickly...

Krysten's brother, Ryan, was there. The boys love him...the dog does too.

And Ryan's girlfriend and her parents were there...I think someone has been tasting the icing!

That face, those dimples...puffy heart!

Someone tried icing and didn't looked too impressed. I think he wiped most of it on Patrick.

Back for round 2...

He learned from his big brother and quickly caught on to the pool toys...

Some guidance...

A clean, dry and happy baby...

We bought Alex this t-shirt and I thought it glowed in the dark. He was staying overnight with us again, so we found the darkest spot, the laundry room, to see if it glowed.

What the heck? This thing doesn't glow!

Nope, but it has a cool wraparound tail. Sorry, Alex!

The next morning it was back to Lego Land...I don't think Grandpa's coffee had kicked in yet.

Patrick and Jim went to a beer event that night and Krysten was working. Grandma had some alone time with the boys. Selfie!

Love these boys so much. Thank you for a wonderful visit.

I hugged Alex so hard when I left, I broke my sunglasses that were hanging on the neck of my shirt. Now that's a hug!

A wonderful visit...looking forward to our next one!

And now it's back to Toronto for the next leg of our whirlwind tour of Ontario.