Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lloydminster, Alberta and Saskatchewan...Confusing!

We left Regina this morning en route to Lloydminster, which brings us close to visiting Joanne in Edmonton. Along the way we stopped in Lumsden at an art gallery that had the most beautiful paintings, stone sculptures, and glass. We managed to escape with only lovely images in our minds and our wallets intact.

This is a beautiful home in the town of Lumsden.

I am constantly amazed by the colour contrasts with the sky and the fields. It is so beautiful...

The sky was black when this flock of geese suddenly took flight! (Alfred Hitchcock...)

Everything is big! This truck was taking up the whole lane and bits of each lane on either side of him.

Who said the prairies were flat! But you can see for miles....

Lloydminster...the sign says it all. The Alberta/Saskatchewan border runs right through the middle of town. I was confused at first!

The city is divided by 50th Avenue. The area east of Meridian (50th) Avenue is in Saskatchewan and west is in Alberta. Saskatchewan does not observe daylight saving, but Alberta does, so the city is completely on Alberta time, even if you live in Saskatchewan. However, when it comes to elections, residents in Saskatchewan vote in the ridings of Saskatchewan, and Albertans in Alberta ridings.

When it comes to taxes, the Saskatchewan side of the city is tax exempt as is Alberta so that businesses on the Saskatchewan side are not at a disadvantage. Holy moly....

The Western Inn Express hotel where we are staying was built about two years ago and has a most impressive Common Wealth Center attached to it by a skywalk. It has a state-of-the-art multiplex featuring two fieldhouses, two arenas, a leisure ice rink, a fitness center, indoor jogging track and a playground for children. The best that money can buy! It's beautiful and we plan to make use of it tomorrow morning.

This is one of the fieldhouses being used for a soccer game.

We are looking forward to moving on to Edmonton to spend a few days with Joanne!

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