Friday, October 9, 2009

Wahhhh! Our Last Day...

Wow…the last day of the cruise. It has gone by so fast and has been such a great time. They are celebrating “Returning to America” today and have the atrium decorated with balloons and both the US and Canadian flag. Yay Canada!

We have played bingo on and off during the cruise, but today is the last day and the jackpot of $4,500 is going to go. They have moved it from Club Fusion into the Princess Theatre for the final game. We've never seen that before! They must be expecting a lot of people.

The cruise director changed after the British Isles portion and we love Neil, the new director. He is British and his sense of humour is great. He really makes an effort to be out with the passengers and the little old ladies love him! He has a routine before he starts the bingo game that the players get involved in.

In bingo, if you stand up and shout Bingo and you don’t have it, they make you go up front and do the chicken dance. Twice during the cruise, Neil has called a wrong number and the passengers have shouted “Chicken Dance!” He is so good natured…you can hear him mutter at the end of the dance. “This is the second time this cruise I’ve had to do this.” Ahhh...the things that amuse you on a cruise!

Look at how calm the seas are today. Where were these seas on our St. John’s day?

This is Rizza our cabin steward for the cruise. What a sweet lady! She got on board the day we did for the start of a ten-month contract. She has been doing this since 1994 when her son was 3 years old. It is so sad how much of their family’s lives they miss, but sacrifice it for a better life. Her son is in university studying physical therapy. Rizza has put her brothers and sisters through university as well. As she says “My father loves me very much.”

And here is Roque, our favourite bartender. He provided us with amazing service. He noticed that I would eat the cherry that came with the drink but leave the lime, so the amount of cherries kept increasing! He described the Caribbean cruise that the Crown will be doing starting in November in such glowing terms that we decided to book it, even though we always said we wouldn’t do a Caribbean cruise. It’s also on the Crown Princess, so we should see him again in January.

Here I am with my favourite drink…a Sea Breeze (with lots of cherries!).

The end of a great cruise. We’re in New York for two days before we head home…

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