Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Visit to Kennebunkport and Flo's Hot Dogs

For our next couple of days, we decided to move closer to town and back into a B&B. Hartwell House had good reviews and a great location. Because they had overbooked, we ended up being upgraded to their suite. Hmmm...most times upgrades are great. This wasn't one of those times. It was spacious, but the decor was very heavy with lots and lots of material on the windows. We actually felt quite closed in, despite the amount of space we had. The staff couldn't have been nicer, and you ordered breakfast from a menu which was a nice choice, but we probably wouldn't stay there the next time.

We went back to Gypsy Sweethearts restaurant. The food is fantastic and we loved the patio for people watching. We left it a little too late to snag a table on the patio this time, and ended up upstairs waiting for a table to open up.

After another great dinner, we meandered down the street. The shops have a lot of cute displays, like these little guys toasting marshmallows over the "campfire."

The next morning, we decided to do a little touring and headed to Cape Neddick. Love these country roads...

Funny, for some reason they don't call it the Nubble Lighthouse, just Nubble Light...

It was built in 1879 and isn't accessible to the public.

But that didn't stop lots of tourists (like us!) from showing up and taking in the scenery.

In town, along Long Sands Beach...

It is well named, because the beach did go on for a long time! It wasn't as crowded...

As it was back in Ogunquit...

We went for dinner at a restaurant that has a great waterfront location, but just so-so food. This guy had a lot to say, but I think he was blind. People threw him food which he didn't bother with. Or maybe his tastes are a little more upscale!

We headed to Kennebunkport the next day to take a narrated trolley ride.

Another cute shopping area!

This would have been picture perfect with a bride and groom in it!

We've heard a few times that the number of tourists this year is really down. I guess this would be evidenced by the nearly empty streets.

It was just after July 4 so there were still lots of the red, white & blue flags...

The Colony Hotel has spectacular views and has been privately owned by the Boughton family since 1947.

The trolley pulled up to the front door so we could all gawk straight through the lobby to the views on the other side.

St. Ann's Church was built in 1887. The one ton bell was made in Belgium in 1882 and was part of a set intended for use at Yale University. The bell wasn't in harmony with the rest of the set, however, and it ended up in Kennebunkport.

The trolley wound its way along the shore with the water on one side...

And these spectacular "cottages" on the other.

These folks are trying for a little privacy...

We figured that this cottage was not being used, judging by the unkept gardens, but while we were stopped, someone walked up to the front door blowing that theory.

Here is the Bush compound, where George Bush and his ancestors have summered for over 100 years. The orignial home was built in 1903. George Bush, Sr.'s mother, Dorothy, was a Walker (of the Johnny Walker fame) before marrying a Bush, so the family is definitely old money.

Look! More blue hydrangeas...

Our next stop was the Franciscan Monastery, which is also a guest house.

A candelight Christmas Service is held here and between 2000-3000 people normally attend. That must be something to see...

By now the sunny skies were long gone and it was raining. That cleared the beach out, except for those wishing to surf.

How cute is this place! You just wanted to plunk yourself down in one of these chairs.

And with that our tour was over and we were back at the flowery trolley stop. It was a fun 45 minutes and it's always nice to learn something about the area.

One of our last stops before leaving for home was Flo's. We had heard about Flo's steamed hotdogs, and in searching for directions on-line, I came across the rules for ordering hot dogs at Flo's. It was too funny! Talk about the Soup Nazi! "Do not speak unless spoken to." Now we really had to go check it out.

A picture of Flo, who took no flak from anyone. "I'll tell you what you want on your hot dog!"

If this is Gail, she couldn't have been more charming. She is a one woman show--she takes the orders, the money, and makes the hot dogs. I assumed this was her daughter behind her, but she wasn't doing anything other than putting pop in the fridge. Gail has the routine down pat! Steamed hot dogs...oh, they were delicious!

On that note, it was time to head home. As always, we enjoyed Bar Harbour; Camden was a nice find; and we'd go back to Ogunquit anytime!

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