Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Buskers Festival in Halifax, Nova Scotia

We flew Porter Airlines from Newfoundland to Halifax, where we had parked our car. We have been talking about going to the Buskers Festival in Halifax for several years now, and this trip coincided with it. So we went for a walk in the morning to see what was going on.

We passed by Winston Churchill who appeared to be giving this sleeping man a very disapproving glare!

Barb and Ed and a flowery lobster!

Now this is what I love about Ed...Barb handed off her jacket and purse to him to hold. Ed was looking for a hoodie in this store, and it didn't faze him a bit that he was shopping while holding Barb's gold purse. Well, it does go with everything...

I would like to say it was hot and sunny in Halifax, but that would be a downright lie. It was bloody cold! These performers were freezing. It was the middle of August, in the middle of the afternoon, and we all had jackets on. Crazy weather!

They were incredibly strong.

This guy was hysterically funny...he had the same dour look on his face and never said a word throughout the whole performance. His little "volunteer" did everything to avoid looking at him. He so did not want to be up there!

The performer kept blowing up balloons and sticking them under his feet or handing them to him to hold. The little guy just kept looking at his father.

This was too funny...he managed to hand him the balloon, still without looking at him. We cracked up!

He picked this little guy out of the crowd, stuck a jacket on him, and had him stick his fingers in the air...

He had no idea why everyone was laughing...

Then he pulled the jacket into a knot over his head and started to dance with him. You had to be there!

These little guys actually did volunteer and were waiting to see what they would do...

A chain of little bowling balls...

This Irish duo had everyone laughing with their crazy antics...

I think they picked the biggest, burliest guys to "volunteer" as part of the act.

I was quite looking forward to this Australian act. They perform their fire act in the evening once it gets dark, but gave us a taste of it. Sadly, they ended up being one of our least favourite acts, but you couldn't fault their physiques!

Hula hoops everywhere!

The buskers were fun and then it was time to head home to Fredericton. It was Barb and Ed's first time here, so we went to St. Andrews one day to have my most favourite bread pudding. Finally, we were getting some nice weather! This beautiful church was built in 1824.

And no visit to St. Andrews is complete without a drive by the Pansy Patch house. It was built in 1912 and resembles a Normandy farm house. It is currently for sale for just under $600,000 should you be interested...

And of course, the beautiful Algonquin Hotel...

Now it seems like after St. Andrews, I just put my camera away, because I don't have one picture of Barb and Ed in Fredericton. We went on a lovely boat ride at sunset on the St. John River, but I honestly did forget the camera that night.

We had a great time with our "cruising" friends. It's nice to know we travelled together well on land, too!

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