Monday, April 2, 2012

Mmmm...The Chef's Table

We had our first formal night. I think there are only three in 32 days we're on board, so that's great!

Barb got her hair done in pincurls for a nice 1940s look.

We decided to do the Chef's Table the next night. We have done it on other ships, and have always enjoyed the food and the experience. Tonight's menu looked delicious!

We got dressed in our white lab coats for our tour of the galley. This is Chef Antonio Cortese. He is one of the nicest chefs we've met...very friendly and loves to chat.

The amazing galley staff...

The pastries and bread on board the ship are to die for. We got hooked on this dark date bread, and each night someone at the dinner table would try to get it first! We could have always asked for more, but that would have ruined the fun. One of the bread creations...

The Eiffel Tower...

The Maitre d' Carlos Rosa pouring our champagne. He was also superb.

Chef Antonio with one of our appetizers served in the galley...King Crab Mojito

Our second appetizer...Wild Porcini Mushroom Crostini

And yet another appetizer...Japanese Style Beef Wontons

And to finish off the appetizers...Pappadams Dressed Fried Tiger Shrimps with Spicy Coconut Curry.

Welcome to the Chef's Table! I cut off the cute decoration in the back. I think it's the Pastry Chef making decorative flowers.

We moved upstairs to the dining room where our first course was Pumpkin and Lobster Risotto. It's so hard not to eat everything because it's sooo good.

To cleanse our palate, Granita of Dragon Fruit and Grey Goose Vodka. The Chef came around and liberally poured the vodka over the creation. I had to look up's a semi-frozen dessert. Look at the Leaning Tower of Pisa sugar creation!

Chef Antonio preparing the Lemongrass Steamed Chilean Seabass wrapped in banana leaves. Look at the cute lobster carved out of...canteloupe?

It was all hands on deck when it was time to plate the main course.

Panko Crusted Breast of Guinea Fowl Stuffed with Fresh Mango. I liked the portion size...just a taste of everything.

We had a break before having a Fondue of Morbier with Crispy Focaccia and Truffle Honey Drizzle. I had to google "morbier." It's a semi-soft cow's cheese from France. It was good!

My favourite part of the meal...dessert! A Symphony of Tiny Souffles...white and dark Belgian chocolate, hazelnut, pistachio, and strawberry...served with Lady Godiva Cream Sauce. At first I thought the sugar creation on the left was a neat flower...

Then I looked at Jim's and realized they were butterflies. Hey! Mine is broken! It still tasted good, not that you could eat too much of it.

And in case you were still hungry, some homemade biscotti and amaretti cookies. What a meal...superb!!

As part of the experience, you get your photo taken with Chef Antonio and Maitre d' Carlos...

And a group photo...

A fantastic evening! Tomorrow we are in Chennai, India...

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Anonymous said...

I've had the great honour of working aside The great italian Chef Mr. Antonio Cortese and I just want to congratulate every person having the privilege of enjoying such a professional, charming and human job mate, or simply those who have had the opportunity of delighting their palate with one of his captivating culinary creations. Thanks for all the images you shared from his wonderful performances and his nice smile, á la santé!!

Eztela Guevara.