Saturday, March 2, 2013

Chef Jerome and The Old School Diner

We read somewhere that you must go to the Old School Diner and our time is Savannah was drawing to a close. It was on our list of "to-do's" so we set out to see where it was. We passed the Smallest Church in America in South Newport.

It looked like a playhouse, it was so tiny.

I guess it would have been nice if I'd picked up the vase of flowers before I took the photo, but I didn't even notice it. I was busy with Jesus and the children.

Yup, it's pretty small...

But very beautiful inside and I believe they actually have services.

A lovely quilt...

And stained glass windows...

I had to check things out...

There wasn't a lot of headroom!


And close by, as advertised, the sign for the Old School Diner. Is that really a toilet behind the moai?

The sign says Welcome Family, which is always Chef Jerome's greeting.

Oh my...carpets in the parking lot? Seriously, if this hadn't been recommended, we probably would have driven away in a cloud of dust!

We went inside and Mary gave us a tour. She was sweet and we made a reservation to come back with Barb and Ed. Chef Jerome was coming around the corner and asked us if we were leaving. We told him we'd be back, and he said "I'll have the hush puppies waiting for you." Hush puppies? That sealed the deal!

I guess toilets make great planters!

New customers always have their picture taken with Chef Jerome. The photos covered the walls...a lot of people have been here!

We ordered a bottle of wine and it wasn't cold, so Mary put it in a fancy bucket to cool. Good grief, we thought we were ordering a regular size bottle, not a jumbo one!

Now why we had to be seated in front of the gigantic TV, I'm not sure, but we were going with the flow. The hush puppies arrived as promised and they were to die for. Absolutely, worth the 45 minute drive.

Chef Jerome...

Mary was adorable and quite pleased when we asked to have our picture taken with her. She looks terrified! It was a great evening.

And then what does Kim do? Orders hush puppies to go! OMG, they were amazing.

We hate to leave Savannah, but it's soon going to be time to hit the road.

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