Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Sissies Eat Their Way Through Savannah!

My Sissy is coming to visit for a week! I am so excited. I cannot wait to show her why we love Savannah so much.

OK...this is not why we love Savannah so much. The weather for the month of January was...cold! We shouldn't complain. There isn't a couple of feet of snow, but some warmer temps would be welcome. We woke up to frozen plants in the courtyard.

Nifty icicles on the chairs...

OK, it's sort of pretty. But we want warmth!

A walk to Forsyth Park revealed that the fountain is frozen again. Twice in one month must be a record of some kind...

I walked down to River Street and said hello to the Waving Girl. I love her story.

Last year we admired this painting by Alix Baptiste. It was still there this year...either we have weird taste or no one thought it worth the price. This year, we offered him what we could afford and were prepared to leave it for another year, but he surprised us by saying "It's yours!" It depicts the women vendors at the market in Haiti who have not made a lot of sales that day. Because of this they are down in the dumps and have resorted to gossiping. I love the colours, and their necks and their expressions.

And here is my Sissy. So excited to see her. We are celebrating with a Strongbow cider!

Our first meal (of many) but one of the few we ate at home. So many places, so little time!

Sissy brought Season 4 of Downton Abbey. We couldn't wait to watch it, with our selection of Jelly Bellies. Treats!

Here we are enjoying our first of many Frappy Dappies, this one in Forsyth Park. At last it was a lovely day!

That afternoon we had tickets to see Grease. The local theatre group is just amazing! Me and my Sissy...

Say what? You can take photos? Well, alrighty then!

Go Greased Lightning!

So, you won't find this in other productions of Grease, but it was wonderful to see Savannah's treasure, Huxsie Scott. She has such an amazing voice.

True love...Danny and Sandy.

The was so good. Hats off to the Savannah Theatre group!

A t-shirt we saw while out shopping. I think that about sums it up!

 A belated birthday lunch at Huey's with two fisted margaritas. Thanks, Sissy!

This was our first time eating fried green tomatoes. OMG, so good! I tried them at many places after Huey's, but I would have to say theirs were the best.

A trip into the mall had Sissy overjoyed to find Cinnabon. Like we needed more food.'s what we do best!

And one of our many low country meals, this one at Sisters of the New South. The most amazing, moist fried chicken, collard greens, mac and cheese and cornbread. This was their lunch special, which I think was $5.99.

Sissy was on a roll and wanted a mint julep. So when in Savannah...we headed to the Pink House where we had mint juleps made with some premiere bourbon. I think it was gold plated maybe. They were soooo smooth.

Of course, we couldn't have just one. And this was our expression when we got the bill! Let's just say, our mint julep days might be over!

Now I had been avoiding Paula Deen's because I thought it was too touristy. But we were in the City Market and hankering for a biscuit so we went in. I have to say, it was excellent! Good food, good prices and all-you-can eat biscuits and flapjacks (hoecakes?). I don't know which these were, but they were delicious.

Well, this might not have been Sissy's best choice. Black bean soup at Clary's which looked a little like tar. It probably tasted good, but she was having a bit of trouble getting past the colour. The biscuit was good though!

You know the rules...when visiting us in Savannah, you must have your photo taken with Johnny Mercer!

We ate our way and laughed our way through Savannah. Such a great visit! Hugs and love to my Sissy. xoxoxox

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