Saturday, January 31, 2015

Chilling in Savannah, Georgia in January

Welcome to Georgia...the sign I always love to see!

Followed by this's Year No. 3 for spending two months in the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia.

15°C...I'll take that on January 5. Look at how Savannah is laid out in a grid. It's so easy to find your way around, but Savannah is a walking city. Driving can be trickier.

We're almost home...Columbia Square complete with Christmas decorations.

Our home for the next two months on the far right of the quad. Built in 1985, it's not architecturally pretty, but it has plenty of space and, more importantly, heat! Some of the older historic homes are seriously lacking in insulation and these last two Savannah winters have been pretty cold.

I couldn't wait to get out the next morning to walk to beautiful Forsyth Park.

It's exactly one mile around the park and it's a popular spot for walkers and runners at any time of day.

Huh! So last year, when there was ice in the fountain, it was such an oddity that people crowded to see it. Seems like climate change is making it a regular occurrence.

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist...I still haven't made it into this church to look around. Maybe this year...

Independent Presbyterian Church...I have to stop myself from taking photos of this church whenever I go by it. It is the tallest building in Savannah.

This fountain in Lafayette Square commemorates the 250th anniversary of Savannah's founding.

My favourite tree in Pulaski Square...not quite touching the house across the street, yet.

The lions are still guarding Oglethorpe's statue in Chippewa Square. Chippewa is more known for Forrest Gump sitting on the park bench in it.

Down on River Street, the Waving Girl is still waving.

All is right in Savannah! Barb and Ed, our travelling companions, have again rented a place, this time just down the street from us on Green Square. Looking forward to golfing and dinners out with them.

January and the blossoms are already appearing...

Jim and I love to mosey down to Ellis Square or City Market and people watch on a sunny afternoon. How the heck does she walk in these??

You will usually find these two guys beside the van performing in the City Market on a Sunday afternoon. If you want to, feel free to dance!

Yikes...the Lady Chablis is looking a little older. We decided to go see her again in February for the fun of it!

The Lutheran Church of the Ascension was founded in 1734 by Protestant exiles from Germany.

I've nicknamed it the "singing church" because at different times, without rhyme or reason, the bells begin to play a song. I've tried to figure out if it's related to a time of day, but it seems to be completely random.

Jim and I took a drive out to Tybee Island on a windy day...

You didn't have to fight for blanket space!

Let's hope we never see one of these storm surges...

And for my birthday, a trip to Jazz'd Tapas Bar. They have live entertainment most nights, so we made a plan to come back one evening to hear some Johnny Mercer tunes. Not to mention the lure of their delicious bread pudding with caramel sauce.

A magnolia tree in bloom...

I love this old sign...Coca Cola relieves fatigue.

We walked home one night from our favourite pub, the Crystal Beer Parlour. I'm not even sure what church this is, but the windows were pretty at night.

And look who has arrived...our friends, Marg and Mike, will be renting a place close by for the month of February. I see a lot of socializing in our future!

It's been a chilly month in Savannah, but that doesn't stop us. The skies are blue and there isn't any snow. Hopefully, some warmer weather will appear in February!

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