Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Beautiful Scottsdale

Here we are coming into Scottsdale. This certainly looks more active than Yuma! Scottsdale is close to Phoenix and has a population of about 244,000. We are meeting up with Max and Joni who live in San Jose, but are going to be in Scottsdale for the weekend.

We had dinner with Max and Joni and made plans to go to the Thunderbirds Art Festival the next day. There will be lots of vendors selling sculptures, paintings, glass and, of course, yummy food! Here is the entrance to the the cactuses!

Now this is our kind of intersection!

Max gets right into the spirit of things with a mammoth cookie ice cream sandwich. I bought a bag of kettle corn...mmmm....salty and sweet!

It was nice to see different styles of art...lots of southwestern influence.

We managed to abstain from buying anything, although there was one beautiful statue that I would have loved. We headed to the nearby town of Cave Creek for some shopping at the Horny Toad! Here is Joni with her sister, Jeannie, who came for the weekend from Tucson.

Looking quite pleased with ourselves...

"Hey, are you listening to me?"

Prickly pear cactus...

Gotta love this place...

Now is this someone who loves her job or what!

I couldn't get enough of the cactuses. I have way too many pictures of them, but they were all so different!

Cool! Joni sees her name etched in the concrete!

The Pinnacle Peak Patio...that's a mouthful. They're known for their "no tie" policy.

Beautiful scenery...

OK pardner...we're heading in!

Guess Pinnacle Pete died with his boots on!

Definitely no ties in our group!

Yup...all those things hanging down...ties! I'm not sure I want to know how long some of them have been there. We some people coming in with t-shirts and ties, just to get them cut off!

A prickly pear pretty! The juice from the cactus is a gorgeous fuschia colour.

Now that was fun! We would love to go back, y'all!

One thing that amazed us was the beautiful designs on all the overpasses. It must cost a fortune to do this, but they are so pretty! It adds a lot to a plain concrete overpass or divider.

A lizard design and lovely shrubs under the overpass...

The next day was rainy and we headed out for breakfast. We would have gone back to the art festival again, but we were pretty sure it wouldn't be much fun in the rain. We spent a bit of time at the casino and then headed back to the hotel. It was Oscar night, so Joni and Max organized an Academy Awards feast and we watched most of the awards. Joni and Max had to get up early on Monday to catch a flight back to San Jose to be at work bright and early in the morning. It was great to see them again!

We found Butterfield's listed under best breakfast restaurants on Trip Advisor. We went yesterday and waited (along with tons of other people) to get in. It was really good. On Monday morning, we decided to go there again before we left town. How busy could it be on Monday morning? Crazy busy again. Yum!

Part of Old Scottsdale...we'll have to spend more time there next time. nice is that!

So Pinkie is on the road again. I think he's checking the mileage to Tucson, our next stop. We could definitely live in Scottsdale; it's a beautiful city.

And it's on to Tucson!

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