Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Las Vegas! Feb. 24-28

We got tickets to go see Garth Brooks in Las Vegas!! We decided to drive to Portland, Maine and fly out of there. It is so much cheaper than flying out of Fredericton. We have resisted this idea for a while because it's so convenient out of Fredericton, but we finally caved.

When we travelled across Canada by car, Pam had given me a Beanie called Spooky. She decided that it was time for Spooky to take a hike, and gave me a pink Snoopy to be the official stuffed animal in the car. Here is Pinkie silently sneaking up on Spooky to get his spot.

And then of course he had to come into the hotel in Portland and steal the best pillows.

Here's a picture of the Encore hotel to the left of the Wynn in Las Vegas. The two hotels are joined and the Encore just opened in December 2008. They had over 100,000 people apply for 4,000 jobs.

The first morning we decided to get room service coffee. No coffee makers in these rooms. We asked them for two bananas, as well. MISTAKE! Look closely...these are $14 bananas!! The coffee and the bananas with delivery and tip...$35. Ridiculous! They put the glasses of water on the tray just to make us feel like we got something for free, I guess!

Las Vegas is hurting. This hotel has been sitting at this stage of construction for over two years. It's unlikely it will be completed any time soon.

The Wynn golf course on the right, but look at the two huge empty parking lots on the left.

Free internet? Not likely! They lure you in with cheap hotel rooms and then ding you with all the extras. We loved the hotel, but we'll be staying somewhere else on our return.

We tried to watch some of the Olympics. Pinkie is taking over the TV.

Ooohhh! I found a new game that I like...Monopoly. We did pretty well on this one. After losing some the first day, we walked out with $400 at the end of 4 days so I was pretty happy. Stick to those penny machines!

Lorrie, one of our friends in our apartment building, gave us $1 to bet for her. Sorry Lorrie...no winners there!

Me and Garth...the show was so good. At first when he walked out with his jeans and sweatshirt and baseball hat, I thought...OK, a pudgy singer. But the minute he opened his mouth...magic! What a rich voice. He played for over two hours, just him and his guitar. His wife, Tricia Yearwood, came out and did a couple of songs with him, but the rest of the time it was just him telling stories, talking to the people in the audience, and asking for requests. The time flew by! Steve Wynn has been working for several years to get him out of retirement and I guess this is the way he wants to do it. He does three shows a week and then goes home the rest of the time. Great gig if you can get it!!

Part of the Wynn Hotel...the extras may be pricey, but they sure know how to do things right. The service and the food were excellent every time.

Looking out to the Lake of Dreams...every night they have a laser show that is mostly for the diners in the specialty restaurants, but there are a few spots where you can sneak a peak.

And then it was off to see Cirque du Soleil at the Mirage. At first, I didn't like it as much as "O" which we had seen two years ago, but it was a different show and was spectacular in its own way. Loved the music!

More from their pyschedelic years than the early ones...

They practically threaten you with death if you take a picture, so you only get them going in and coming out. Even when you come out, they are hustling you along because there is another show in an hour.

And then quickly...our Vegas trip was all over! We're renting a car and heading to Yuma, Arizona to meet up with Barb and Ed. We've cruised with them a couple of times and they are looking for a spot to head to in the winter. We're going to see what they have found. Maybe it's a possibility for us as well...

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