Friday, January 3, 2014

A Return to Savannah

We loved our stay in Savannah so much last year, that we made the same plan for this year. January and February in Georgia seemed like a great escape from the winter in New Brunswick that started so early. We left on December 31 driving through a winter wonderland...

-22 degrees Celsius (-8 F)...let's blow this place!

What trip through Maine would be complete without a picture of Mount Katahdin, the highest mountain in Maine at 5269 feet.

The trees were sparkling with ice crystals on them. Very pretty, but we weren't sorry to be leaving it behind.

It didn't take long before the snow had completely disappeared. We weren't far from our first night's stay in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, before it was grass and bare roads.

The roadside sign was saying Winter Storm Watch and we knew a big storm was in the forecast. Our plan was to keep moving and stay ahead of it.

Now these temps are a little better! What a difference a day makes.

My new dashboard buddy for this year is "Tappy," a gift from my Sissy. I'd explain the name, but it would just show how childish the two of us are. We think we're funny!

With a couple of days to kill before we could move into our rental on January 5, we decided to stop in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We didn't know anything about Myrtle Beach and booked a hotel at the south end of the beach. Let's just say that there isn't much going on in Myrtle Beach at this time of year and even less at this end of the beach. It was beautiful though, but unseasonably cold.

The view in one direction...

And the other. Not too many people were out and I was glad we still had our winter jackets with us.

I'm sure this would be a totally different picture in a few months, but for now it was pretty desolate.

This might have been fun. They were well bundled up!

I put on my winter jacket and went out for a walk. I noticed lots of people with metal detectors going up and down the beach. I was wondering if they find anything, but was pretty sure they do when I got back and found out that I had lost one of my favourite earrings. Curses!

Walking under the long pier and playing with the different settings on my phone's camera...

You couldn't get up onto the pier as it was closed, but this is one long pier. A beautiful spot...

And now we're on to Savannah! Can't wait to return...

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