Monday, January 13, 2014

Another Birthday in Savannah

Signs for Savannah at last! So excited to be almost there...

Say what? What happened to warm, sunny Savannah? Well, it was sunny anyway. Savannah set a new record low temperature at 19 degrees F, causing the water in the fountain at Forsyth Park to freeze. Even the locals were out taking photos.

Our first guest for this year arrived. Jennifer would be with us for a week and it was a great opportunity for her to spend some time with her dad.

The weather was a lot nicer in the next few days and we took advantage of it. Remember, when visiting us in Savannah, you must get your picture taken with Johnny Mercer.

We weren't really sure what this old truck was doing in the City Market, but everyone was milling around and checking it out.

Now that's more like it. A beautiful sunny day in Forsyth Park.

I had to check out one of my many favourite trees. This is in Pulaski Square and it almost touches the house across the street.

Another birthday in Savannah! I had read in the local paper that you could visit the bees at the Savannah Bee Company so it seemed like a fun thing to do. When we arrived, we found out that you have to call ahead to book, so that plan got nixed. The guy working there was very helpful and very knowledgeable so we spent some time learning about bees and tasting lots of honey. Who knew that there were so many kinds of honey, and that bees know which hive to go to with the different nectar they have collected. Amazing!

Later in the afternoon we walked to Ellis Square and met Cat Baby, Savannah's answer to London's Street Cat Bob. This cat is content to go around town on his owner's shoulder. I can't imagine any cat I know doing that.

We met up with Barb and Ed for our next adventure. After seeing the Savannah Slow Ride around town last year, I thought it would be fun to do a pub crawl for a birthday celebration. Barb and Ed were game for the adventure. Strangely, this isn't the only picture I have collected over the years of Ed carrying  Barb's purse!

And we were off! It was tough to get the bike started, so even though you wanted a rest sometimes, it was better to keep the momentum.

Our first stop on the pub crawl, Jen's Martinis...Ed, our guide, waited patiently while we all piled in to try one of the many flavours.

A neat chandelier...

A waffle martini...I was glad it wasn't mine. The raspberry one I had was sweet enough.

Cheers! Jennifer, Ed, Barb, Jim and I...

We pedalled by City Hall while Driver Ed explained some of the history and architecture of Savannah.

It was a lot of fun!

We each got a koozie (or a cosy as we Canadians would call them)...

At the next stop on the pub crawl...Barb and I had switched to wine by now. Gotta love Savannah and the to-go cups. You can drink anywhere in the historic district in Savannah, as long as it's in a plastic to-go cup.

We pedalled by the Savannah Theatre. Looking forward to seeing Grease and Les Miz!

Our last stop...good thing. We were doing more drinking than pedalling...

Here we are with a couple from Atlanta at the back who joined us and our driver, Ed, in the middle. It was a lot of fun and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. They also do a ghost tour....ooooo!

We thought we'd go to the 1790 pub for dinner but the pub doesn't serve food on Sundays, so we ended up at the Melting Pot. By now we were feeling quite fuzzy!

I'm not sure what the bill said before the waiter crossed off the word and put in amazing. At least we were still humans!

Another great birthday in Savannah!

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