Wednesday, December 17, 2008

72 Days...18,860 km! We're Home!

It's great to be home! We saw so much beautiful scenery along the way. The New England states had quite an ice storm a few days ago. The rivers are all frozen and it was a very pretty picture as we drove through Maine. Unfortunately, I think a lot of people were still without power so that wasn't so nice.

Look at beautiful Mount Katahdin in Maine. Who knew?? It's about two hours from here...

Ah...the New Brunswick landscape! Trees, trees, and more trees...but no snow!!

A sign for sore eyes!

Me and my sissy!! I missed my sissy!! We emailed everyday...whatever did we do before email??

Me and my boys...don't they look overjoyed! I think they believe we rented an apartment for them, so they're probably a bit put out at having to share their space.

And here's the weather today! I'm glad we made it home yesterday. We had wonderful weather for driving.

How many pounds gained on the trip (sigh...)--10 (and I think most of them were in the last 10 days driving gym, no sightseeing).

How many times did I use the words amazing, beautiful, gorgeous in the blog--too many to count!

So our best vacation ever is really at an end. Although many nights I didn't feel like doing the blog, I am so glad now that I did. We can't even remember what we did two weeks ago, never mind at the beginning of the trip. So many good memories!

Here endeth the blog of our trip across Canada...

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