Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Almost Home!!

We'll be home today! We've made great time on our trip home and the weather has been fantastic. Yesterday it was 17 degrees in Connecticut. Crazy!!

We left San Francisco on December 7...

Dec. 7--San Francisco to Barstow, California...660 km

Dec. 8--Barstow to Holbrook, Arizona...710 km

Dec. 9--Holbrook to Tucumcari, New Mexico...638 km

Dec. 10--Tucumcari to Eufaula, Oklahoma...747 km

Dec. 11--Eufaula to Memphis, Tennessee...605 km

Dec. 12--Memphis to Nashville, Tennessee...351 km

Dec. 13--Nashville to Wytheville, Virginia...597 km

Dec. 14--Wytheville to Frackville, Pennsylvania...669 km

Dec. 15--Frackville to Augusta, Maine...805 km

We touched 6 states yesterday as we blasted through...Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. That was fun!

Some interesting facts or things we saw on the way home...

  • You can't buy any cold liquor (beer or wine) in Oklahoma. Go figure...

  • If you buy a bottle of wine in a restaurant in Tennessee and don't finish it, you can take it with you.

  • Hi-test gas has been anywhere from $1.67 to $2.39 a gallon (which works out to roughly 42 to 60 cents a litre). One time it cost $21.00 US to fill the car.

  • Much to Jim's dismay, we ate at a Bob Earl's one night and the Cracker Barrel the next night, and neither of them sell alcohol.

  • We think radar detectors are legal because some people have been blasting by us and there are lots of cops to be seen.

  • There are large road signs that have lights on them. If the lights are flashing, you tune into the radio frequency posted and they tell you what the problem is. That's helpful! Then you can decide if you want to detour or not.

  • Virginia is beautiful...rolling hills, farms, horses...just like a postcard. We would love to go back there in the summer.

  • There has been lots of road construction. Not sure if they do it all at this time of year, because in the summer with all the tourists, it would be a major bummer!

  • The GPS was the best investment ever. Sure, there were a few times when Garmie dragged us to some obscure place (like insisting there was a car wash on a nice residential street!), but 99% of the time, it was bang-on. On a trip like this, where you are changing hotel rooms almost every day, it was such a treat to have someone lead you to the hotel...and a grocery store, and a wine store...
    • With a quick stop in Bangor and a quick stop at the border (we hope), we'll be home!

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