Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Heading to San Francisco!

And we're off towards San Francisco! We're taking three days to get there. The first night we stopped in Port Townsend, Washington. Brian and Peggy arranged for us to stay at one of their timeshare locations, so we had a great spot with lots of room and a washer and dryer. I wasn't planning on doing laundry, but I am my mother's daughter....when there's a washer, use it!

I could easily stay at one of these locations for more than a day!

Lovely kitchen...

We headed into Port Townsend to do a little shopping and look around. Port Townsend is about 40 miles northwest of Seattle and is known for its many Victorian buildings. This is the Jefferson County Courthouse and an example of the town's architecture. It was built in 1892 and combines Romanesque and Gothic themes, as well as some elements of a fairytale castle.

One of the many beautiful Victorian-era homes...

A view of the port...

Elegant Water Street Hotel, built in 1889 and completely renovated in 1990...

Manresa Castle was built in 1892 as the family home of a prominent Port Townsend businessman. After his death, the castle remained empty for 20 years, except for a caretaker, and then served various purposes. It was bought by Jesuit priests in 1927 for use as a training college. It is now a hotel and boasts 43 bathrooms as opposed to the three that were used when the Jesuits owned it!

We left Port Townsend and made our way to Eugene, Oregon where we spent our second night. Along the way we noticed the lush green of the rainforest and the proliferation of moss...the trees are covered, houses are covered, old cars are covered. People in the area almost seem to have given up; if a car breaks down, it is just left to rust (or moss!). It was a very different drive than anything we have seen. This is an operating store, although it looks quite dilapidated. We kept moving in case we became covered in moss!

Portland, Oregon on the I could capture!

California here we come!

It is very dry here...

Beautiful Mount Shasta which is a surprise! It is not connected to any other mountains; it just suddenly rises from the level ground around it to a height of over 14,000 feet.

Another beautiful day!

Pretty sky...

We are staying in Red Bluff tonight and making our way to San Francisco tomorrow. Part of the reason for going to San Francisco is that Jim was there on business several times and always raved about the Christmas display in the Hyatt Regency Hotel. He says it is just amazing with miniature working villages and Christmas decorations galore. I hope it's as he remembers!!

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