Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Would Walk 500 Miles!

Flight to London was great and we dozed most of the way. For some reason, we couldn't get a flight to Shannon, Ireland today, so we are overnighting at the hotel at Heathrow and heading out tomorrow morning.

Nothing we do is easy! I shake my head...

We land at Terminal 3 at Heathrow. We walk, walk, walk to get our bags. Bags collected...tick! Then we walk, walk, walk because we are going to Terminal 1 to drop off a bag. We don't want to cart our suitcase with our cruise stuff in it all over Ireland. So we decided to store it at Terminal 1 as that is where our flight from Dublin will be coming into. Great...bag stored....tick! Now we walk, walk, walk and take a train to Terminal 4 because that's where the hotel is. Arrive at hotel...yay and tick! Our dogs are tired...

We decide to take a quick nap and settle into a cosy bed. I am just about to drift off when my eyes spring open like a cartoon character. I just realized that I left my walking shoes in the cruise bag that we stored. I am frantically thinking of what shoes I have...none! I have a pair of dress flats. This will not do for walking over the moors (or whatever!) in Ireland. What was I thinking? Good would think we never travel.

We decide nap first and then walk back to Terminal 4 to take the train back to Terminal 1 and see if the bag storage place will let us have our bag. The walk from the hotel to the train in Terminal 4 is long enough. You know it isn't good when they keep posting signs "Only a 6 minute walk to Terminal 4...only a 4 minute walk...." We get the train and we're back at Terminal 1. Walk, walk, walk to the bag storage place. We plead our case with the guy at the desk. He looks at us and says "come with me." We go into a room that is full of bags. He stands there and motions for us to find our bag. Yay! The bright red Canada strap on our bag catches our eye. He watches while we take out my shoes to make sure we aren't slipping a bomb in there. He barely acknowledges our grateful thanks, but we don't care. I have my shoes!!

Hotel is typical airport hotel. Pricey, but the food is good. I remember from our last trip to London. I would think "Oh, the prices are about the same as home." No, wait a minute! That's in pounds, not dollars! Let's double that price. We have a light dinner and a glass of wine. We're heading for bed.

View from our room overlooking the restaurant. Great...we'll be able to see when breakfast is ready!

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