Sunday, August 16, 2009


We picked up the bag we had left at Heathrow and jumped in a cab to go downtown. Cab cost 65 pounds which was about what we expected.

We're staying at the Radisson Bloomsbury which is right in the theatre district. We unpacked our clothes...yay! It's nice to be in one place for nine days. We headed out and found a really nice restaurant called Savoir Faire. The food was excellent and we sat outside and people-watched.

The waitress asked where we were from and we said "Canada" and then added "New Brunswick." She said "Moncton?" Whoa...close! She used to go out with a guy from Moncton...small world...

Got up late this morning and made it down to breakfast just before the closing time of 10:30. We passed our first theatre on the way to Charing Cross train station to get our tickets to visit Ann on Tuesday. Not sure what this show is about...

We passed by the Portrait Gallery in Trafalgar Square. Not nearly as many pigeons as last time. I guess they really are working at getting rid of them.

Nelson's monument (built from 1840-1843) which has all sorts of construction going on around it. Not sure what that is about. The fountains weren't working so it looks quite different.

We got our train tickets and our tube pass, and stopped and bought theatre tickets. Most theatres are closed today (Sunday) so we got tickets to see "We Will Rock You" tomorrow night. We saw it last time we were in London and loved it. We were at the back of the theatre last time, so we were happy to get tickets closer to the front.

We walked around Leicester Square. Lots of people out walking on a was a nice warm day.

We took the tube to the Liverpool Street station just to see where our train is leaving from on Tuesday. We noticed a crowd of people all watching these girls who were standing in some kind of formation.

Cue music...and off they went. In the video you can see a policewoman in a yellow jacket walking by on the left and all of a sudden she joins in. What the heck was this?

When the music stopped all the girls ran out and left these "secret service" guys walking about.

We found out from the woman next to us that was a video shoot using the St. Trinian's girls for ads for TMobile. St. Trinian's movies are well-known in the UK as a series of books based on the St. Trinian's school for girls in Edinburgh, a school for uncontrollable girls. Good never know what you'll see.

Back on the tube to the station nearest us. I love these steep escalators.

This is the theatre nearest us and the one playing We Will Rock You. It's nice it's less than a five minute walk...

Tomorrow we are hoping to get to Buckingham Palace....

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