Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jamaica, Mon!

The Jamaican flag...

We arrived in Ocho Rios around 9:00 a.m. under dark skies.

Shortly after there was a steady downpour and it was hot, hot, hot and humid. It wasn’t long before people were snaking their way to the pier.

This part of the town looks really pretty.

We met up with Joni and Max. They had been to a jerk chicken place the last time they were here and invited us along. Joni is getting into the spirit of Jamaica!

Max talked to a guy "behind the fence" and negotiated a taxi. That’s one thing about Jamaica…the locals are very aggressive. They will follow you asking you if you want a taxi (or anything else). Max couldn’t remember the name of the chicken place, but the taxi driver knew just where he meant. So we piled in and arrived at Scotchies, which I think is named because of the Scotch peppers they use in the hot sauce.

Here is the pork and chicken smoking under the corrugated metal. The bowl contains a breadstick which they call Festivals. It was soooo good!

Showing off the pork…yum!!

Pigs rule in Jamaica…yeah mon!

We’re looking everything over, but Max is already in the zone! He and Joni knew exactly what they wanted to order!

You don’t worry about cutting between the joints. It’s bang, bang, bang and then wrap it up in tin foil.

Excellent food!! I should have taken a picture of Max. He was loading the extra hot sauce on and the sweat was just running off him. Jim and Joni and I stuck with the pork and chicken without extra sauce and it was hot enough for us.

Beautiful hibiscus flowers…

Not sure what this was…a jacaranda? But it was gorgeous.

We took the taxi back to town. Joni and Max headed to the Harley shop while Jim and I went through some of the shops. I was sooooo hot, but Jim still managed to look cool.

Lots of nice, expensive shops have been built right next to the pier.

A Christmas lady!

There was a nice breeze and the humidity dropped. It was very pretty…

We’re making our way back to the ship and some air conditioning!

The sea doo-ers were having a great time!

Here we are churning up all the sand as we leave. The water was so pretty.

We went to dinner and they did something we hadn’t seen before. They paraded the kitchen staff through the dining room so we could see who was behind the scenes and give them some well-deserved recognition. It was fun!

The next day was our last sea day of this cruise. Pretty much every night before dinner when we were having nibblies at Mike's, we would chat with Jean and Nina from New York. Jean (in the middle) was an absolute riot. We ran into them in a store in Ocho Rios and Jean was looking at souvenirs. Nina asked who she was buying them for, and Jean told her. Nina said “You don’t want to buy that stuff. It’s just junk!” and Jean said “It’s fine…I don’t like those people that much anyway!” She cracked us up!

It was Joni and Max’s last night and we went to dinner with them. We’ll miss them on the next leg of the cruise. They were a lot of fun!

A great cruise…we start the next leg which is a partial transit of the Panama Canal with a whole new group of people to meet!

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