Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Wedding at Sea! Jan. 14

Ahhhh….a sea day! We woke up and headed for breakfast. Our good intentions of going to the gym once again went out the window. I saw that they were giving Photoshop computer courses, so I decided to take the Introduction, Layers, and Composites. The three hours flew by and I was so glad I took them. Now, if I can just remember all of it until we get home!

Michele and Fred, our Cruise Critic friends, are getting married today in the chapel and invited us along. Who can resist a wedding! We went by their cabin to drop off a card.

Here is Fred and his brother-in-law, Kevin before the ceremony…

Princess did a lovely job of decorating the chapel. They had rose petals lining the aisle and a pianist at a white piano. This was also where I took the computer classes, so they did a quick turnaround!

Here comes the bride! Her sister Kathy is close behind.

Italian Captain performing the ceremony…

Michele looked lovely and so happy!

The happy couple!! It’s official…the ceremony was very short and very nice.

A fun day for everyone…

Relief! The ceremony is over...let’s have champagne and cake!

Beautiful cake and it was delicious!

Hmmm…not sure what was cracking us up!

Michele’s flowers were gorgeous…

The photographer whisked them off to take some pictures around the ship.


Their new friends…I am sure 10 years from now when they look at their photos, they’ll say “who were these people!!” It was nice to share their day with them.

With a quick change, we were off to dinner at Sabatini’s with Joni and Max.

I believe they are singing Happy Birthday here. Am I lapping it up or what?

Sing it out, people!! It was a great day at sea!

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