Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sea Days and Jamaica Part 2--Jan. 26-28

We woke up to a beautiful sunrise…

We went to the gym (finally!) and had a great relaxing day.

We had heard good things about the hypnotist on board, so we decided to go see his show. It was pretty funny! This guy is supposed to be the laughter police and, in place of any swear words he might have wanted to use, is supposed to insert “pop tarts” and “fluffy bunnies” instead.

Now the audience is completely naked and the laughter police guy is getting a better view through his viewfinder (the toilet paper roll). The hypnotist is also naked, so when he bends over, they get prime viewing! The guy with the big glasses has been a star…he was out like a light before the hypnotist had finished putting everyone under. Whenever he hears Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire,” he gets a burning in his behind and has to rush to the wall to scratch it. Good fun!

For our next port, we were back in Ocho Rios. I thought I might get off the ship to visit a store that we gone into on the last cruise. They sell bamboo clothing and sheets and they really had some nice things. I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to run the gauntlet of vendors to get there.

My dilemma was helped when we didn’t dock at the same place. This pier was a little farther walk to the shops and not nearly as pretty as the last one. The conveyor is supposed to be the longest conveyor in the world and was used to carry bauxite from the mine to the port, a distance of 13 miles! Jamaica is a major producer of bauxite, which is the raw aluminum ore. To clean up this port, a bulk terminal was established in a new location and this site is now used to import fertilizer.

It’s a bedlam of buses!

The Royal Caribbean ship “Freedom of the Seas” has taken the pier we used the last time. They are quite a bit bigger than us, so I guess they pulled rank. From another angle, we could see the huge rock climbing wall they have. I think they might be a younger crowd!

We decided to go to the gym instead. It’s normally very well used, but on a port day, we pretty much had it to ourselves. You can see there is no reason why you can’t stay in shape (if you really force yourself!!).

Our last day is spent puttering and packing. Of course, we head to “Mike’s” for a last cocktail with our happy hour group. Mike has finally crossed off all of his Days to Go…and he’s happy!!

It has been a great cruise and we met some wonderful people. Now we’re in Fort Lauderdale for a day before getting on the Crown Princess…

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