Friday, November 11, 2011

A Cappuccino in Marmaris, Turkey

Marmaris used to be a quaint fishing village, but not anymore. An earthquake in 1957 destroyed most of the old town and today the rebuilt city is a top holiday destination. Suleyman the Magnificent assembled a mighty fleet here in 1522 to prepare for his conquest of Rhodes.

The scenery was beautiful…

As we entered the port, this fisherman was checking us out.

And led us into the harbour…

It looks like a beautiful port...

From the upper deck of the ship, we could see yachts everywhere.

Very pretty…

We waited for a moment of silence for Remembrance Day before heading out. I couldn’t resist waiting for this…11/11/11 at 11:11 a.m.

I’m not sure who this dude is on Deck 3.

Welcome to Marmaris…we’re back in Turkey.

This is definitely the land of the wealthy!

This was impressive…called “My Turn” from Gibraltar.

The yachts were from all over the world.

We didn’t have anything planned today and decided to just walk around the small town. There was shopping and a bazaar further in the town, but we were content to just wander. This is the local marina...quite a contrast.

Once again, lots of restaurants, but what we also saw were lots of laundromats. They definitely would have a big business with all the yacht owners. Had we known, we would have brought some of our laundry!

We ended up off the beaten path walking down this alley.

With this beautiful tree!

We saw a little restaurant offering free WiFi, so we stopped for a cappuccino and a chance to check emails without using our expensive minutes on the ship. This cat took quite a liking to the people at the table next to us, especially when he was fed some fish.

Awww…such a cute little guy. I didn’t have anything to feed him, but he managed to mooch some stuff from the people next to us causing a moment of territorial war with the ginger cat.

It was so relaxing to just sit and people watch on a bright, sunny day…

Lovely sunset as we headed out…

Jim’s favourite place…

Marmaris would be a great place to vacation…

And that was our lovely, quiet day in Marmaris. Tomorrow we have a sea day before we land in the place everyone has been waiting for...Jerusalem.

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rey john said...

Truth is, your eyes will encounter so much natural beauty when in Turkey. You won't see just bare beaches, but ones bordered by beautiful Mediterranean-style deep green forests.