Wednesday, October 8, 2008

First Stop--Bathurst!

Our car trouble turned out to be minimal...a new battery and we were on our way. Jim looks quite happy in this picture, although a few minutes earlier he was shaking his head over the amount of stuff we have!

The drive to Bathurst was very pretty, although the leaves aren't as advanced here as in Fredericton. We haven't been to Bathurst for a while. We drove by the basketball nets that have been set up as a memorial to the high school team that was killed in an accident in January. They were so close to home when the accident happened.

I am on the lookout for any signs that will pinpoint our journey, so here is our first!

Walked around the three bridges for old time's sake in the morning. It's always a breezy walk! We went for a drive downshore in the afternoon to Pokeshaw. We both were amazed at how much separation there is now between the rocks. We remembered how the biggest one used to be almost touching the smaller one on the left. The rocks are eroding really quickly. I remember when all the trees were green on the top of the rock. It was so windy!! It is really so beautiful here.

Had coffee at Georgette's house and saw her new kitchen. Very purdy!! We were supposed to meet up with Chris at Nika's softball game, but softball got changed to volleyball and so our plans changed with that.

Jim and I went for dinner at a new restaurant downtown, Nectar, which has a gorgeous location right on the water. I hope they can make a go of it. Food was good and setting is to die for. Here are a couple of pics taken from the deck of the restaurant.

How pretty is that!!

Chris, Sylvie and Nika came to the hotel. Nika, you are getting so tall!!! So nice to see them and catch up. Always good for a laugh!!

Today we are off to Perce in the Gaspe peninsula. Haven't been there since we were kids! I remember going on a boat tour and we couldn't get over the amount of birds. Now I know they were gannets. Wonder if there are still as many, or if that was an image that has been made bigger in my imagination over time!!

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