Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sandbanks National Park--Lake Ontario

Yay! So we're back! I think the computer problems had something to do with the Best Western in Brampton 'cause it's fine here. So now to catch up the blog, we're leaving Kingston and heading to Brampton....

I had heard about Sandbanks National Park before, so when Warren at the B&B in Kingston suggested we check it out on the way to Toronto, we decided that was a great idea.

We took the Loyalist Highway and the ferry from Adolphustown to Picton. The ferry is running on winter hours now, so there was a bit of a wait. It only takes 20 cars at a time, but that was fine because it was a nice day and we didn't have anything pressing to do! We were first in the line up on the ferry so got this pretty picture of the ferry arriving in Picton.

We checked out the eating bible and found a place in Picton that is so pretty from the outside, you just had to go in. It's only open for lunch on Saturdays, and guess what day it was!! It was meant to be! The Claramount Inn is a grand old, colonial mansion overlooking the harbour which is currently run by a husband and wife who are both physicians. The setting is beautiful and with the leaves changing it was just stunning. We both had the Monte Crisco sandwich (promising to only have a salad for supper!!) and it arrived with a lovely green salad and a dish of....honey for dipping. Clara's gets a two thumbs up for places to eat.

We headed to Sandbanks Park along a country road with trees overhanging it full of fall colour. I can only imagine that it must be packed in the summer, but today as the park was closed, it was very deserted and peaceful. Just a few people walking their dogs and enjoying the sunshine. The sand is so soft. It is just like talcum powder.

By now it was almost 3:00 and it was time to get going, so we jumped onto the 401 and headed to Toronto. Holy much traffic can there be on Saturday at 5:00. Lots!! I don't know where everyone was going, but all the lanes on the express and collectors were full. Crazy! Glad we don't fight that traffic anymore....

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