Saturday, October 11, 2008

Riviere-du-Loup....Who Knew??!

Who knew Riviere-du-Loup was such a pretty city! All I've ever associated it with was a milestone along way from Quebec to New Brunswick and vice versa.

Score another hit from the Places to Eat book. We had lunch at Au Pain Gamin and it was great. Although I think it was a bit pricey at $7.95 for a ham and cheese sandwich. I was wondering what was going to come with the sandwich for that price...and it was a napkin and plate! But it was an inch thick with shaved ham and homemade bread and swiss cheese. Yummy! Garmie is right on track today and brought us to the door of the restaurant.

I had read that there are 8 waterfalls in Riviere-du-Loup and as we were making our way to the hotel, we came across the Parc des Chutes and went in. I am so glad we didn't miss it. It is absolutely gorgeous. They have all these trails through the woods that give you different lookout points of the falls. It was great day for a walk in the woods with all the beautiful leaves.

This is the hydro generating station built in 1928 to provide power for the town.

The park was built right after that. One thing we have noticed again and again is that Quebec does a good job with its attractions and rest stops, etc.

Tomorrow we are taking the ferry from Riviere-du-Loup to St. Simeon and then going down the north shore of the St. Lawrence to Quebec City.

We are going to try a new B&B in Quebec City rather than our usual Hotel Manoir Victoria. Hope it's as good....

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