Friday, October 17, 2008

Kingston, Ontario--Day 12

Beautiful weather and a lovely city.

The B&B is very nice and the innkeeper, Warren, has been very helpful with suggestions of things to do and places to eat.The B&B is called Abbey Manor Inn and is situated downtown so it's nice to be able to walk everywhere.

One of Warren's suggestions for dinner matched what was in Places to Eat in Canada, so we started out with the Chien Noir. I liked it, but wouldn't say I loved it. So no big stars on that one.

We found the YMCA and went to work out and at Warren's suggestion dropped off our laundry at a place that does it for you. One load washed, dried and folded--$6.50. You can't beat that price. Our laundry came back still warm! That's a bargain!

We met Richard and Lynn at the Pub for a drink before heading to The Curry Original for dinner. Richard's pub is all decorated for Hallowe'en and looks awesome. Here we are standing in front of a big spider web!

The manager of the pub was telling us about a girl from Kingston who is serving in Afghanistan. While there she took an interest in the Global Point Orphanage and decided to do what she could to help. She found a man in Kabul who makes badges to put on uniforms and she emailed Richard for the logo for the pub as there are lot of people from Kingston serving there. This is the badge he designed with the logo for the Dragon's Breath ale.

She sold $300 worth of badges to the troops, which was enough money to help the orphanage out for three months. When she returned to Kingston, she presented a picture of the troops in Afghanistan all proudly displaying their badges as a thank you to the pub. She then ordered another 50 badges from the man in Kabul and the pub is selling them for $10 to raise another $500 for the orphanage. A brilliant idea! The pub does a lot of work in the community and is very well thought of.

Here's a link to the brew pub. If you're ever in Kingston, make sure you look it up!

Back to the Curry Original restaurant. It was wonderful!! That place certainly belongs in the "Bible." We had a great dinner. Richard and Lynn are regulars so they knew all the good things to order. It was great to see them.

Today we hit the YMCA again and are planning to go with Jennifer and Doug and the kids to Fort Henry. They have a Fort Fright night and I guess there are a few good scares in it. We're planning to go to the Bones Bistro for dinner which is the officers' mess which has some scary items on the menu for Hallowe'en. Should be fun!

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