Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wawa and Marathon...Day 22

Jim got the oil changed in the Murano before we left Sault Ste. Marie and the mechanic found that our alternator belt was cracked in several places. He said it would have let us down for sure, so it was nice not to be travelling in the wilderness with that!

It was a very pretty drive actually. This is cold and chilly Lake Superior. It is so big that it is more like an ocean! There were big rolling waves and you could hear them crashing on the shore.

We saw a lookout for Old Woman Bay, but I think you actually had to get out and hike in order to see it, which we weren't planning on. A really pretty sandy beach though.

Next we hit the town of Wawa, known for the Wawa Goose. They had the goose erected so that people would come into the town instead of just bypassing it, and it worked. We went into the town and had lunch at Subway, and of course, visited the goose.

A pretty chilly looking sky!

Wawa also has a neat General Store, but other than getting gas, we didn't go in. The guy at the gas station told us that he never puts his winter coat away "because you never know when you are going to need it." And he was right...it was chilly at -1 degrees.

We encountered snow in White River....it is pretty desolate...

And then three mines in a row as you enter Marathon. Marathon is a small town but has lots of industry with three mines close by and a paper mill in town.

A very pretty location on Lake Superior....

Price of gas today in Marathon is $1.20 for regular. We're moving on to Thunder Bay!

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