Thursday, October 23, 2008

Orillia & Bracebridge...Do You See What I See?

Do you see what we see!! It was bound to happen, but snow on October 22? Patooey!! It was cold in Orillia, but at least the snow was already on the ground and we didn't have to see it falling.

We stayed at the Cavana Inn in Orillia. It's a very nice spot, recently taken over by a young couple, Lee and Joanne. She runs the spa and he looks after the inn. They are putting in a lot of hours and bend over backwards to help you. There were some nice touches...they print a special welcome sign with your name on it and leave it on your bed. Little things, but they go the extra mile. The inn was nicely decorated for Hallowe'en.

The only room they had left had a great big bathroom which was really nice. As Lee said "You pay for the bathroom; the room is free!" It would have been nice to spend more time there.

We headed out to go visit Bill and Christie Whitman. Bill is a high school friend of Jim's. Some time ago, they found this old house for sale in New Brunswick, owned by the Steeves family. They had the house dismantled board by board, and brought to Orillia where it was reconstructed on a beautiful piece of land they had purchased. Bill and Christie were married on the land. They have 100 acres and have left it very natural, so it is very peaceful and quiet with lots of wildlife.

Here is a picture of their living room. They have kept the character of the house as it would have been many years ago and it is truly a charming place and very welcoming.

After spending a great afternoon with the Whitman's, we headed back to town.

The next morning we met my cousin, Christine. I haven't seen Christine since she came to Bathurst with her parents and her sister, Diane, about 35 years ago. We had met up with Christine's sister, Maureen, in Brampton and are trying to make contact with all of that side of the family. If I only knew where Diane was, we would have them all accounted for! Chris lives right next to Marina Del Rey and they have a beautiful spot where they can watch the boats leave Lake Simcoe and head into the marina. It was good to catch up with her.

After coffee at Christine's house, we headed to Bracebridge for a great dinner with Randy and Stephanie. The last time we were at their house in August, it was a gaggle of women trying to get ready to go to Stephanie's wedding. It was much calmer this time! We went to dinner at a great Japanese restaurant, Wabora. This restaurant should be in the Places to Eat in Canada. It was easily the best Japanese food we've ever had.

Randy and Stephanie have started a new winter project. They are building a canoe! Last year they rebuilt a canoe that had belonged to Randy's uncle years ago, and was in terrible condition. They enjoyed it so much and the results were so great that they are doing it from scratch this time. After a great meal and catching up with them, we headed back to the hotel.

It was a wonderful two days of visiting! Tomorrow we are off to Sault Ste. Marie....

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