Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hudson, Quebec

Hudson is a pretty town, relatively wealthy and known for its turn-of-the-century houses. Although I think now you are seeing more and more modern mansions being built along the water. We noticed tons of houses for sale...maybe not as prosperous as it once was?

Made our way to Denis and Carolynne's house via...the North Pole, I think. This was a classic case of never assume anything! Denis assumed we would turn right leaving the Inn and we assumed we would turn left as that was the way we came in. No wonder his directions seemed a little off and Garmie kept trying to turn us around. We finally turned Garmie off after he tried to get us to turn around at every corner! If GPS's could sound exasperated, I am sure he would have. We had a great time visiting. Their home is beautiful and it was fun to catch up with them.

Had a beautiful sunrise this morning. I can't say I would stay at the Willow Inn again. It's an absolutely beautiful setting but, if anything, they seem very indifferent. We went for breakfast in the pub and it really was a "help yourself," which is great but even when staff came in, no one spoke to you. Oh well! At least there wasn't a fire alarm!!

We're thinking that we are heading towards Kingston today, but we'll see what catches our eye along the way....

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Stephanie and Randy Build First Canoe said...

Been following you guys since you left. What a trip so far? When do you suppose you might meander up to good old Bracebridge? We have Barrie Colts tickets for the 25th, buy whenever you make it hear. Love you guys!