Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fort Fright--Good Fun!

We made our way over to Jennifer's in the afternoon. The dog and cat were anxiously awaiting us!
We didn't see Nicholas at Stephanie's wedding, so it was a big surprise to see how tall he is getting. Gone is the "little boy" look!

Went with Jennifer and Doug and the kids to Fort Fright, a Hallowe'en spook-tacular at Fort Henry. Jennifer and Doug hamming it up...

We ate at the Bones Bistro where they had such delights as Boogieman Burgers, Bat Wings, Stake Sandwiches. It was a cute menu! This is not what you look like after eating there. This person obviously enjoyed his last bite...

We walked around the site into different rooms and up and down spooky stairs. There were a few good surprises and some real people dressed up and lurking in the corners. Half the time you didn't know who was real and who wasn't. Some of the stuff was quite this video and the girl's face at the end...hmmmm (Pam will appreciate when I say "does this remind you of the girl in the red cloak" in the book "Don't Look Now"!)


And, of course, the grand finale...

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